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Register for Studies in Antique Lace

Register for Studies in Antique Lace

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Please make sure you have submitted your info for the classes in this series via our form before you purchase this workshop.

Instructor: Elizabeth Kurella

Two series of classes – Learning to Read Lace and Becoming Lace Literate. Feel free to choose some or all of them. Receive a 20% discount when buying four or more classes, which can be selected from either series.

Series 1: Learning to Read Lace: Just as we progressed from the alphabet to words, sentences and finally books, we can learn to read the thread manipulations, combinations of stitches, bits of lace and finally full objects.

Series 2: Becoming Lace Literate: Learning to read is only our first step into the whole world of becoming literate. That is, to understand and appreciate what we read, and apply and communicate about that information. Just as words and plots are reused and recycled -- Romeo and Juliet led to West Side Story -- so are techniques, designs and fashions in lacemaking. Helpful steps to developing lace literacy include learning how to place lace in a particular time and place, how things evolved and what tangible and intangible factors add value.

Times: 10:00 am -12:00 pm PST / PDT

Level: Beginner / Intermediate

Prerequisites: None, but some understanding of lacemaking would be helpful.

Second Camera: Not required

Dates: Various Mondays. Individual class descriptions and dates are below.


Series 1 has completed.


Remaining sessions in Series 2.

April 22, 2024: The Value of Antique Lace The value of lace has many aspects. How does one measure the value of a treasured family wedding veil, or the value of stitches so technically difficult few today can master them? And who is willing to pay how much for those attributes? Explore the intrinsic and market values of lace in this class.

May 6, 2024: The Many Lives of Old Lace Lace almost never was made to be a sedentary art object. It was meant to decorate, be worn, to be used and enjoyed - to be part  of life. And so it was reused, remodeled, recycled. Explore and learn clues that can tell us about the lives that lace objects have lived.

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