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Basic Techniques in Chrysanthemum Lace with Sylvia Fellows

Basic Techniques in Chrysanthemum Lace with Sylvia Fellows

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Running time: 3 hours 27 minutes
Program includes: 3 DVD discs and 5 pattern sheets

Sylvia Fellows has been making lace since 1987. In the beginning she was self-taught. She explored many different styles of laces with the excellent teachers at the International Organization of Lace, Inc. (IOLI) Conventions. In 2015, The Lace Museum asked Sylvia if she would be interested in teaching Chrysanthemum lace, which inspired her book, Chrysanthemum Whimsies.

Chrysanthemum lace is a very accessible lace for intermediate lacers who have learned the basics of making bobbin lace.

This video shows the techniques for the basic parts of the Chrysanthemum "petals". Techniques shown are Cloth Stitch, Pin Pivot and Split or Cut Spider Ground. The program begins with a basic petal and continues applying the techniques with two other patterns, a flower design (see DVD cover, bottom right) and a hanging pendant (top left), plus a bonus pattern.

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