Sponsor Lace

The Lace Museum would like to offer you the opportunity to sponsor a special item from the museum's fabulous collection.

Please select an item from our list on Shopify or view additional items on our website.

Your sponsorship fee will allow the museum to:

  • Maintain and conserve the piece of lace
  • Provide safe and appropriate storage for the lace
  • Mount or frame the piece if it is needed
  • Improve the quality of exhibitions at the museum
  • Help with operating expenses at the museum

During your sponsorship, the Lace Museum will:

  • Post a plaque near the item recognizing your sponsorship while it is on display
  • Care for and maintain this item in its collection
  • Notify you, the sponsor, if the item is to be a part of a rotating exhibition or a traveling exhibition
  • Allow you to view the item with at least 7 days notice if it is not on exhibit